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1987 928S4
Every so often an exemplar example of the Porsche marque appears on the market with this vehicle being amongst the finest ever offered by RS Consulting. Sold and delivered new in NZ with but 3 owners (including the current one) this car can only be classified as truly outstanding. Mileage is a mere 35,000 kilometres, the Marineblau Metallic paint sports a lustre remniscent of new. Where the rubber meets the road a near new set of Bridgestone Potenzas are to be found. As well as a sole OPC service history, options include automatic transmission, sunroof and sound package. Only "non original" items are a Dynatron security system and soft cover!
Sold by RSC to the current owner it is a privilege to again be able to offer this car to the market and in particular a truly discerning erstwhile purchaser seeking only the best! Priced accordingly at:
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993 1994
Delivered new by Giltraps in July 1994 this vehicle exudes incredible care and attention that 4 owners have lavished on it and belies the traditional NZ adage of only buying cars with low mileage. With 160,000 kilometres on the clock the condition of this particular Porsche is streets ahead of many that I have seen with half this mileage or indeed even less! Finished in the lustrous and sought after silver with black interior this car exhibits every step of the way a tradition of having been cared for with no nicks or scuffing of the seats, air con that works (uncommon), a rear wiper as well as a relatively new set of Bridgestone tyres. But...... and more to the point not only is every stamp in the service book from an OPC later servicing is supported by a renowned Auckland independent thus supplying a true unique and definable history of this car indeed, I cannot recall ever having sold a Porsche that is so comprehensively documented! Tiptronic transmission and 17" wheels complete and deliver a 993 that is priced to sell but with the propensity to provide trouble free driving pleasure for many years to come.................Forget imports if you are in the market for one of these now hard to find models at a realistic number then this is your opportunity!
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993 1994
Delivered new in Singapore but resident in NZ since 2004 and with but two owners since then this well specced cabriolet will delight its next buyer thru impending summer and time thereafter.
Finished in the ever classical silver and supported by a service philosophy from one of the country's top independents this vehicle exudes a patina of age tastefully complemented by a restful (and expensive) wood grain interior. With a mere 79,000 kilometres on the clock and an option list that includes; electric seats, aircon and leather this is a lot of car for;
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930 1981
Tourist delivered in April 1981 by Porsche AG Stuttgart to a prominent Auckland businessman this car ultimately arrived in NZ in August of the following year.
Subsequently sold by RS Consulting to its current owner in 2005 earlier care lavished on this vehicle has continued.
Finished in the classic color of Gunmetal Grey this example of Porsche power at its then most potent exudes a patina of age frequently far from common in a 30 year old car. Complete with sunroof, rear wiper and Fuchs wheels this is an outstanding example of the 930 genre which is reflected in the price.

Vendor is motivated to sell however and would entertain part exchange/cash difference on early 911/SC targa or similar.
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2011 GT2RS

With 611bhp and 516lb ft this GT2RS is the fastest 911 ever to leave the Factory. Its sole aim appears to be putting every Porsche tuner out of business – I mean how much more power do you really need?
The base engine is identical to the 997 GT2 (which is no longer built), but runs different turbochargers, new intercoolers, new pistons and a new engine management system to run 1.6 bar of boost, over the last cars 1.4bar. Claimed performance is of the ‘what-the-hell’ variety with 0-62mph in 3.5sec, 0-100mph in 6.8sec and a ‘Ring lap of 7min 18sec. When Chris Harris tested it he saw 334 kph on the speedo and it was still pulling making it, the fastest road car he'd ever driven but.....completely useable and involving.!

Accordingly, RS Consulting is privileged to offer this example to a discerning buyer. With just 7000 kilometres on the clock, the car is hardly run in and is clearly still covered by the Factory warranty. Finished in the special order color of A1 Black really sets the vehicle apart exuding presence, power , precision and naturally speed! Additional features include a full leather interior, prestige sound package and Bluetooth thus creating an exemplar example of Porsche's finest and fastest but with comfort.

Priced with negotiability in mind at.


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